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Vehicle Tracking

Cost Effective Surveillance - 24 / 7

GPS vehicle tracking is a convenient and cost effective method of monitoring a subject's movement 24 hours a day..

Our tracking systems are satellite-based and provide a highly detailed report / history of time and locations visited.

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Saturday, 01 October 2011 14:16

Corporate Investigations

Detectvi NJ help hundreds of businesses each year in matters such as:

  • Employee fraud or malingering
  • False injury / insurance claims
  • Misuse of company resource
  • Theft of property and assets
  • False and fraudulent expense claims

Surveillance will help to clarify the facts and Detective NJ have the latest technology and equipment, consisting of specifically adapted vehicles and top of the range video cameras. We are able to video virtually anywhere using both body cameras and bag cams. GPS Vehicle tracking is a cost effective method of gathering information and can be an invaluable aid to surveillance. Our tracking systems are satellite-based and used to monitor and track people and vehicles 24 hours a day and provide a highly detailed report of time and locations visited.

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Proof of Infidelity

Think Your Partner's Cheating?

  • Secretive with their mobile phone?
  • Receiving an unusual amount of text messages?
  • Getting home later from work or away on business more than usual?
  • Spending more time on the computer alone?
  • Going out with friends more often and coming home later?
  • Telling you that you must be paranoid?

How Can We Help?

Detective Agency Detective NJ can help clarify your suspicions and put your mind at ease - we are specialists in::

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