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Detective Agency Detective NJ can assist you in confirming truth - for private and commercial purposes.

The Polygraph Examination / Lie Detector Test is the only definitive way of proving innocence (or deception).

No other methods match the accuracy and reliability of the Polygraph Examination.

The test is conducted by professionally trained examiner and we follow their strict guidelines when conducting tests.

  • Available at short notice.
  • Performed at a location of your choice (please note that to meet recommended guidelines, a quiet room will be necessary)
  • Услугата се предлага в кратки срокове.
  • Free advice / consultation please contact us


Why Use a Lie Detector Test?

  • Infidelity
  • Trust is an important issue in any relationship. All polygraph examinations / lie detector tests are conducted with sensitivity, in a caring manner and are completely confidential.

  • Theft Investigations
  • A polygraph examination / lie detector test can help uncover the truth if you suspect theft - in either a personal or professional capacity.

  • Fraud Investigations
  • A polygraph examination / lie detector test can confirm an individual's honesty in any situation where trust is an issue.

  • False Claims (e.g. Insurance)
  • A polygraph examination / lie detector test can confirm truthfulness and uncover deception in insurance or similar claims.

  • Sexual Abuse
  • A polygraph examination / lie detector test can form part of an un-biased, reliable appraisal. This has been found to be helpful both for victims of sexual abuse and those who have been falsely accused.

    All exams are handled with discretion and consideration by our fully qualified examiner.

  • Pre Employment Screening
  • It's common knowledge that a large proportion of employment applicants falsify information on forms and CVs. You can confirm the truthfulness (or deception) of your potential employees using a polygraph examination / lie detector test.

  • Disproving False Accusations
  • alse accusations are more common than most people realise. Whether criminal or personal, the results can be equally devastating. Nevertheless, many innocent people have been eliminated from investigations after undergoing a polygraph examination / lie detector test.

The above list is not exhaustive and there are many other issues that can be resolved by a polygraph examination / lie detector test.

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Corporate Investigations

Detectvi NJ help hundreds of businesses each year in matters such as:

  • Employee fraud or malingering
  • False injury / insurance claims
  • Misuse of company resource
  • Theft of property and assets
  • False and fraudulent expense claims

Surveillance will help to clarify the facts and Detective NJ have the latest technology and equipment, consisting of specifically adapted vehicles and top of the range video cameras. We are able to video virtually anywhere using both body cameras and bag cams. GPS Vehicle tracking is a cost effective method of gathering information and can be an invaluable aid to surveillance. Our tracking systems are satellite-based and used to monitor and track people and vehicles 24 hours a day and provide a highly detailed report of time and locations visited.

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  • Surveillance

Surveillance plays a major part in most investigations. Detectives NJ can track and monitor the movement of an individual or vehicle in real time.

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  • Vehicle Tracking

GPS vehicle tracking is a convenient and cost effective method of monitoring a subject's movement 24 hours a day.

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  • Lie Detector Test

Confirming truth - for private and commercial purposes. Complete confidentiality.

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  • Computer Forensics

All incoming and outgoing traffic, all passwords captured, all websites visited

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